Checking on your economic stimulus check

01 Aug

Checking On Your Check: If you’re wondering where your money is, use the IRS Where’s My Stimulus Payment tool to check. Answer three simple questions — your Social Security number, the type of return you filed and the number of exemptions you claimed — and you’ll get a quick report of how big your rebate is and when it was, or will be, electronically deposited or dropped in the mail. If you’re more than a week or so ahead of the trigger date, you’ll be asked to check back later. Where’s your money been lately…………Find George!

From our friends at Hanover Financial Services

Here is the rest of their e-mail newsletter (please read their site for more information):

Wind Energy Continues To Gain Ground: Currently in the United States, wind energy accounts for six percent of Renewable Electricity Generation and nearly one percent of Total Electricity Supply. The United States Department of Energy recently issued its report titled “20% Wind Energy by 2030” calling for 20% of all electricity production to be produced by wind by the year 2030. Identifying the Opportunities in Alternative Energy.Nuclear Power Statistics: There are one hundred and four licensed nuclear reactors in the United Sates producing approximately twenty percent of the electricity generated in this country. The top three states for nuclear energy are Illinois, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Nineteen states have no nuclear power plants. Beef Consumption Facts and Figures: A study released recently by USDA’s Economic Research Service shows beef remaining in its number-two spot among the most-consumed proteins in the U.S. In fact, beef consumption averaged 66.1 pounds per person, up 1.2 pounds from last year and second only to chicken’s 84.3 pounds in overall consumption. In terms of age and gender alone, per-capita beef consumption ranged from 109.85 pounds in men aged 20-39, to 43.23 pounds for women over 60. The mix of beef consumption also varies as much as quantity. Male teenagers ruled the ground beef category, eating over 50 pounds per person. Men aged 20-39 dominated steak consumption, consuming 30.35 pounds. Female teenagers led all female age groups in overall consumption at 56.23 pounds, but ate hardly any steak: only 3.96 pounds per person.

Global Stock Market Winners and Losers



Although the information shown in these charts appears ominous, it’s encouraging to know that the American exchanges aren’t the only ones struggling through these bearish times. Dow Jones Indexes


Hanover Financial Services has been providing scalable, cost effective business development strategies for emerging growth companies since 1984.   We offer our clients professional advice, exceptional service, practical guidance and access to the capital our clients need to achieve their business goals and objectives. We’re always looking for ambitious opportunities where we can use our insights, capabilities, and resources to make a difference. So Contact Us Today! and let us show you how we can help your business grow…………………….

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