Going green and listening in…

21 Apr

Official seal of City of Sugar Land

Sugar Land, TX making a “Green” difference

I personally like to be “green”, recycling everything possible and consuming less – that is, if it is easy and doesn’t cost more than doing what we have done previously.  This is the mantra that I would like politicians in Washington, let that read “Congressmen (and women), Senators, Presidents,…”, understand.  Funding environmentally focused industry is fine if it “helps” them, but subsidizing industries that will never be self sufficient is lunacy.

That is why I am so proud of the City of Sugar Land.  Last year, Sugar Land instituted a new curbside recycling program (and trash pickup) that made it EASY TO RECYCLE.  Yes, easy.  Not only that, but it increased the items that the city would recycle.  This has led to a 200 percent increase in recycling, just in the first four months of 2012.  The Fort Bend Star has a great article on this with specifics entitled “Recycling increase 200 percent in Sugar Land“.

Take a look at the City of Sugar Land’s website page on recycling as well.

Google was listening to your WiFi network at your house

Have you seen the Google vans going around taking pictures for their street level mapping service?  I am sure that you have used Google Maps and been able to drop down to the street level view and thought, like me, that this was the coolest thing since sliced bread.  But here is the scary thing about this is that they were taking a look at what WiFi spots were around – and were they open or not.

As related by Steven Vaughan-Nichols in his article on ZDNet, Google got their hands slapped for this, but not for mapping this information.  It got its hand slapped for not answered the government’s request.  You read the article and tell me what you think..

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