17 Jul

This is an article that points out exactly what my last article on “When did ‘Rich’ become a four letter word…” was examining. The very last paragraphs of this article point to the problem – consumers who don’t look at the whole picture have made rules that say that the utility companies can’t make profit. So they make all the rules that the P.U.C. (public utility councils) enforce, and what do you get? No maintenance (no money to make for the utility companies) and poor service…

24/7 Wall St.

Amidst record-high temperatures and a very anti-climactic 4th of July, power outages have left millions without air-conditioning and even water in rural areas where households rely on electric pumps. At least 52 people have died from heat and three million people are still without power.

No it’s not Yemen, where power outages in the capital Sana’a have sparked a new round of protests. It’s the United States of America, where corruption converges with a moribund electricity distribution system to produce increasingly frequent blackouts across the Midwest and East Coast.

A thunderstorm that struck the East Coast early last week left millions without electricity and power companies took days to restore power to about half of their customers. Four days after the storm, power was restored to 67% in the Northern Virginia suburbs and 61% in Baltimore, but Montgomery County, Maryland and parts of Washington, D.C. only managed to restore 43%…

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