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I think that everyone should be familiar with this issue – it is one that we will be facing in 20 years (or tomorrow if the weather continues) without heavy investment and predicable regulatory environment in the U.S.’s infrastructure. In other words, politicians, don’t just talk about infrastructure investment:

  1. give private industry a reason to invest,
  2. get out of their way when they do,
  3. don’t retroactively change the laws after the fact, and finally
  4. act now and don’t just pontificate on the subject – Democrats and Republicans alike are guilty as charged.



Indian power outages

Media reports tell us that 620 million in India have no power, due to widespread failure of the country’s electricity grid.  That’s half the population of that country–and almost 10% of the world!  And we on the East Coast of the US think we have power problems!

For the twenty years or so that I’ve been following India, the south Asian giant has been touted as being the next big thing for emerging market investors.  But the dream has never become reality.

investment plusses…

The attractions are obvious:

–a mammoth domestic market,

–a significant number of entrepreneurs,

–a large pool of hard-working, well-educated workers, and

–the fabulous success of the IT outsourcing industry in Bangalore.

…and minuses

Three negatives, however, are just as prominent:

–the immense power wielded by a small number of industrial conglomerates that control much of Indian commerce, and which are not particularly interested…

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