The Wall Street Journal, gas taxes, and the fiscal cliff

17 Sep

Boehner Discusses GOP Jobs Plans

Boehner Discusses GOP Jobs Plans (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

As many of you have heard, I have been on a quest to find a new outlet that is fairly centrist socially, lists the facts they reference and do good homework on them, and stick to a conservative fiscal policy.  Where did it land me – big surprise, The Wall Street Journal.  Who hasn’t read it?  What self respecting journal of news, whether online, on TV, on cable, or in print does not reference it?  So I broke down after 15 years with a print newspaper and subscribed to the print version (the online version comes for free when you do).  Now, I still read through the Houston Business Journal weekly (fairly centrist), CBS News online (as one of my clients called it, “Commie BS News online“), and listen to the ultra liberal National Public Radio (, yup, just about as liberal as you can get), but the majority of my news now comes from the WSJ.

I am interested in your take on the new outlet that provides the most centrist social and conservative fiscal view on world happenings?  Leave a comment on this post and let’s see what you think…

HBJ and Boehner ‘not at all confident’ about avoiding fiscal cliff…

The Houston Business Journal reported in this week’s edition ( that House Speaker Boehner thinks we’ll fall off the cliff.  Go online and see all the reporting done on this – on Bing.  Is this just politics or is this someone who thinks that the cliff is real and we’re heading right for it?

My take – the political winds are blowing in that direction, and unless Mr. Romney is elected to office, I think that the Republicans will let the U.S. fall over the brink to make a political statement.  Is that bad?  I actually believe that it will be a good thing.  Reality needs to set in and we need to stop spending like drunken sailors on their way to the wharf district’s “drink until you drop” party of the decade.  Tell me what you think…

The Gas Tax and what about it…

Here is an article that caught my eye – “The Gas Tax Is Running Low.  But What Should Replace It?” in the Wall Street Journal.  Please read the article, it is a great piece on something that is important to all of us in the United States (our roads).

In Texas, we have increasingly seen that toll roads are going in and that Toll Road Authorities are the way that counties, states, and other organizations are implementing road building policy.  In Houston, it is hard to not have a toll tag – I personally refuse to have one, even though I use the Houston Tollway almost daily, since having an information technology background, I know how these organizations track us.  What about all the taxes we pay?  Why is it increasingly important to build more, and more roads?  I would set forth that the highway grid put forth and built during Eisenhower’s administration for the safety and well being of the United States and for the use of the military is being over built!  Have you ever noticed that our neighborhoods are going back and redoing the roads at a fast pace.  Did you also know that each 4 way light set costs at minimum, $100,000+.  I mean that’s for a stripped down version hanging from wires and telephone poles.  The ones that are going in here in Sugar Land cost much, much, much more than that – sometimes up to $1M.  If that is the case, why do we need so many of them…

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