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08 Sep

This is an article that we created for our clients as a guide to creating website webpages that conform to the requirements setup by the U.S. SEC.  If there omissions or inaccuracies, please tell us as we would like to get this right for our clients.  Here is a 1934 Act Disclosure (MS Word format) and 1934 Act Disclosure (PDF version) as well.

Background Discussion

First, there are two different types of publicly traded companies – those that are regulated by the U.S. Securities Act of 1933[1] (“1933 Act”), which are not required to disclose financial activities through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“S.E.C.”) prescribed methods, and those that are regulated by the U.S. Securities Act of 1934 (“1934 Act”), which requires regulated companies to periodically report information through prescribed forms.

We believe that the disclosure that we refer to within this document is equally important for each type of publicly traded company, but only 1934 Act companies will have SEC mandated periodic financial reports, i.e. 10K, 10Q, 8K, Form 3, Form 4, etc.

[In 2000,] the SEC adopted Regulation FD to address the selective disclosure of information by publicly traded companies and other issuers.  Regulation FD provides that when an issuer discloses material nonpublic information to certain individuals or entities—generally, securities market professionals, such as stock analysts, or holders of the issuer’s securities who may well trade on the basis of the information—the issuer must make public disclosure of that information. In this way, the new rule aims to promote the full and fair disclosure.” — SEC website description.

Investor Webpage

There are slight nuances between 1933 Act public companies and 1934 Act public company (requiring SEC filings and disclosure).  Here is an example of BenchMark Energy Corporation’s investor web page on September 6th, 2013.

As you can see, we haven’t used any RSS feeds at all, just hard coded information.  This is simple and doesn’t require a fee. does provide Level II quotes as part of its package for Pink Sheets current information companies.  See their website for more information; also, this requires their fee, which currently is $5,200 per year.

Menu Items

There are no set items that are required, except a list of the SEC filings containing all of the SEC disclosure filings that the company has made.  The easiest thing to do, rather than embed those items, is to reference another website (in this case, the website) so that the other site is liable for any misstatements of fact.  Due to linking to other sites, we normally add this disclaimer:

Disclaimer for Non-affiliated Websites

PUBLIC COMPANY NAME (SYMBOL, hereafter referred to as “XXXX”) provides a number of links (within the menu structure) that are not affiliated with PUBLIC COMPANY NAME, nor do we endorse these websites or the content.  PUBLIC COMPANY NAME and its officers do not post comments nor reply to posts on investor message boards, nor do we sponsor or promote a specific message board over another.  This lists Internet websites that provide community for our shareholders / investors.

Here is what our menu structure would normally look like:

  • Investors Page
    • SEC Filings  where ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ is the proper name of the company.  Make sure that it goes to the correct company disclosure webpage on the SEC’s site.
    • Management & Board
      This should be a webpage on your website.  If not, just include the management and board on the investor webpage.
    • Board Committees
      This should be a webpage on your website.  If not, just include the management and board on the investor webpage.
    • Ethics Statements

This should be a webpage on your website.  If not, just include the management and board on the investor webpage.

  • Quotes
    You can create a single webpage on your website that lists out a number of locations for quotes, but I normally just include links – less risk that something goes wrong with the RSS embedding.

[1] The complete act is available at

[2] You must look up this message board number yourself, if it exists.  If it doesn’t exist, you will need to request a board be created by the website administrator.

© 2013 by Rhodes Holdings LLC, all rights reserved except excepts from the website.


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