Rhodes Holdings LLC (“RHL“) has a diverse client rooster.  If you would like further information on our investment criteria as well as case studies on each client, please contact us in our general information e-mail at

American Security Resources Corporation (PUBLIC, ARSC)
Restructuring & management consulting
RHL engaged to redefine the ARSC business plan after ARSC incubated Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation by taking control of iVoice, Inc.

BenchMark Energy Corporation (PUBLIC, BMRK)
Work out consulting
RHL was engaged to work through the current position, create a new business plan, map that business plan to a 90 day plan, create the documentation (business plan, 90 day plan, fact sheet, shareholder presentation, investor presentation), and work through the capital requirements to support the plan.

Cornwall Resources Corp. (PUBLIC, COLC )
(Mr. Rhodes) Chairman, CEO
RHL is restructuring COLC’s balance sheet (previously known as Let’s Talk Recovery, Inc. traded as “LKRV” and later “Columbia Energy Corp.”), has adopted a new business plan associated with being an independent oil & gas production company.

iVoice, Inc. (PUBLIC)
Restructuring & management consulting
RHL engaged to redefine the IVOI business plan after ARSC incubated Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation by taking control of iVoice, Inc.

Zicix Corproation (PUBLIC, ZICX)
Restructuring, Equity support
(Previously know as Bederra Corporation, traded under symbol “BEDA”) RHL retained to provide strategic business plan refinement, balance sheet restructuring, and support the company to secure equity sources to implement their new strategic business plan in a “foundation”, “break even” and finally “growth mode”.

Old and previous Clients

Here is a list of previous clients and a description of what we did for each:

Avant Diagnostics, Inc., (PUBLIC, AVDX) formerly known as American Liberty Petroleum, Inc. (PUBLIC, OREO)
Part of management team
Mr. Rhodes was Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO and President prior to American Liberty Petroleum acquiring Avant Diagnostics, Inc. which was previously known as ArrayIt Diagnostics Inc.

Accelerated Computer Services, Inc. (PRIVATE)
RHL did negotiations with notes payables and previous employees.  RHL also helped avoid immediate Chapter 7 bankruptcy and worked with management and equity ownership.

Brianchi Stone Corporation / Beita Brothers, Inc. (PRIVATE)
RHL is providing funding consulting services to this granite / tile / cabinent distributor.  RHL was retained due to our experience taking companies public with explosive growth oriented business plans.

Corruven, Inc. (PRIVATE)
Direct Public Offering support

RHL is providing management consulting services involved with Corruven, Inc. offering its securities for sale in the U.S. and Canada, as well as helping Corruven, Inc. file a registration statement.

Church Organs of Houston (PRIVATE)
RHL provided Chief Financial Officer services to this provider of musical instruments and related tools to religious organizations in the Houston Texas, including help securing purchase financing, lines of credit, and warehousing lines.

Datalogic International Inc. (PUBLIC)
Mr. Rhodes, through his association with Systems Evolution Inc., controlled over 40% of the voting stock of Datalogic.

Force Specialty Services, Inc. (PRIVATE)
Management Consulting Services
RHL was retained by a heavy industrial company located in La Porte, Texas to work on financing, corporate structure, and acquisitions.

Fusion GSS, Inc. (PRIVATE)
CFO Services, Board of Directors Membership, Debt & Equity support
Fusion GSS, Inc., previously Tech Materials & Services, Inc., was a client of RHL’s from 2009 to 2011.  RHL created the company’s 2010 business plan, created banking packages, secured over $250,000 private investment, secured revolving lines of credit and weaned the company from factoring sources.

The Fyx, Inc. (PRIVATE)
(Mr. Rhodes) CFO
RHL is providing financial services associated with the roll out and development of The Fyx, Inc.’s media distribution plan.

Hi Alloy Valve Industries, Inc. (PRIVATE)
Hi Alloy Valve Industries, Inc. retained RHL to complete a business plan for this petroleum valve manufacturer based in Houston, Texas.  Secondarily, RHL’s mergers / acquisition experience is being provided to enhance the growth prospects of “HVI“.  As part of the process of due diligence before being retained, RHL provided value which helped HVI executives unlock explosive growth.

Hydra Power Distributors (PRIVATE)
CFO Services
Hydra Power Distributors LLC was a distributor and consultant developing distribution channels for manufacturers of green power products. HPD uses its founders’ background and clients in the “green power” space to build distribution channels through joint ventures, innovative delivery funding strategies, opening new distributor territories, and providing direct sales if needed.

International Capital and Technology Corp. (PUBLIC, ICTC)
(soon to be known as Allied World Resources, Inc.) RHL provided management consulting services in order for ICTC to be able to trade once again, under its new name.

Restructuring and management consulting
IGSM Group, Inc. opens new markets through incubation of a diverse group of businesses, providing its expertise in multiple disciplines through the incubation process.  RHL was retained to bring order to this “holding company”.

Pro Technik, Inc. (PRIVATE)
RHL retained to re-package the company’s business plan and create investor focused materials to support the next phase of Pro Technik, Inc.’s growth.

The Project Group (PUBLIC)
TPG went through Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  RHL partnered with TPG for interim financing and worked with the bankruptcy trustee to dispose of assets.

Super Star Learning Company (PRIVATE)
Direct Public Offering support
RHL provided management consulting services to this K-12 software distributor, with a stated goal of SSLC being publicly traded.  RHL was retained due to the company’s founders’ knowledge of RHL’s capabilities with previous clients.

Systems Evolution Inc. (PUBLIC)
Mr. Rhodes sat on the board of Systems Evolution Inc. (traded under symbols “SEVO“, “SSEV“, and now “HLNT“)  of this information technology (“IT”) and staffing company focused on the oil and gas industry in the Texas area.  Mr. Rhodes founded its predecessor private company in 1993 and remained on the company’s board of directors until 2008.

Past investments only…

Rhodes Holdings LLC does make direct investments via PIPEs (Private Investments in Public Entities), convertible debt instruments, straight debt:

The Corkscrew Wine Bar
(previously in Houston, TX off Washington Avenue)

FFN Productions and its project, TXT KLL The Movie

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