Robert C. Rhodes

Chairman at Cornwall Resources Corp. (2010 – )
Managing Member of Rhodes Holdings LLC (2005 – )

Robert C. Rhodes serves as Managing Member of Rhodes Holdings LLC (“RHL”), and has since December 2005, providing management consulting services to small- capitalization companies (below $75 million) embarking on growth strategies. Mr. Rhodes serves as Chairman of Cornwall Resources Corp., formerly Columbia Energy Corp., since October 2010.

Mr. Rhodes served as CEO & President Avant Diagnostics, Inc., formerly known as American Liberty Petroleum Corp., from December 2013 through March 2015.  Mr. Rhodes’ operational experience includes founding and serving as Chairman / CEO of Systems Evolution Inc., a software engineering and business analysis consultancy, from November 1993 through December 2006.  During his tenure, Mr. Rhodes acquired five companies (AXP Technologies Inc., eLead Solutions Inc., CMS Technology Services LLC, Next Hire Consultants Inc., and Duration Software Inc.), achieved $10M+ revenue, was honored as the #1 fastest growing technology company in Houston Texas by The 2005 Fast Tech 50, and took it public in September 2003.

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