Commercial Loan Package

Rhodes Holdings LLC provides many different types of funding, including equipment leasing, factoring, commercial lending credit lines, banking lines of credit, and private equity.  The key to a successful debt raise is knowing exactly what your company’s goals are, how much debt to reach your goals, your company’s ability to repay the debt, and proof of that ability (the Commercial Loan Package below).


Our Process

  1. Initial interview
  2. Client signs “Rhodes Holdings LLC Client Agreement”
  3. Client submits all items in package (below) to Rhodes Holdings LLC
  4. Rhodes Holdings LLC creates standard “Rhodes Holdings LLC Package”, in single PDF format
  5. Rhodes Holdings LLC submits to funding source(s)
  6. Rhodes Holdings LLC sets up conference between funding sources and client
  7. Client receives funding source term sheet
  8. Client and funding source negotiate final terms
  9. Funding source submits documentation to client & Rhodes Holdings LLC
  10. Revision(s) of documentation
  11. Client signs final documentation and funding source funds


Commercial Loan Package

Commercial loans shall require these items from the business seeking the loan(s).  If the business is part of a controlled group or owned by a holding company, the holding company may be needed as well:

  • 3 years’ business tax returns
  • last 2 years’ profit & loss (‘P&L’) statement
  • last 2 years’ balance sheet (‘B/S’) statement
  • current profit & loss statement
  • current balance sheet statement
  • current accounts payable (‘A/R’) statement
  • current accounts receivable (‘A/P’) statement
  • contingent debt schedule


Most commercial banks require anyone who owns over ten percent (10%) of the business to be a guarantor, and will require the following for each:

  • 3 years personal tax returns
  • current personal financial statement (‘PFS’)


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