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Many times, new clients don’t need help with securing funding themselves, but they are not able to or understand what type of packages are required by funding institutions.  We at the Key To Funding organization  provide services, normally packaged with us securing the funding, that allow our clients to provide packages to funding sources that help them secure the funding,  Packages:

  • Debt
  • Business Plan


Debt package

$2,500 retainer

In order to secure debt from commercial or private sources, it is incumbent on the debtor to provide a clear concise statement of what the debt will be used for and allow the funds provider to determine either the debtor’s cash flow basis or asset basis.  In order to do this, our process includes:
  • Collect information, both financial, personal, and business wise
  • Use of Proceeds
  • Prepare a personal financial statement (‘PFS’) with business principals
The package that we create includes;
  • Business principals’ PFS
  • 3 years personal IRS tax forms
  • 3 years business IRS tax forms
  • 3 years business financials, recast if necessary

Business Plan package

$20,000 ($7,500 retainer, two deliverable payments)

Securing debt or equity, or updating shareholder & investors requires a concise statement of who your business is, what your business does, who your business does it for, what metrics you use to measure your operations, historical financial metrics, and forecast-ed financial metrics.  When you have these in a simple to understand package, a business owner is able to communicate faster with prospective and current stakeholders in their businesses.  They are more effective, and they get better results.
Our professionals have experience creating and implementing business plans for public companies with over a quarter of a billion dollar market capitalization ($250,000,000) and startup organizations with little more than an idea.  The one thing that these organizations had in common – they created a plan that allowed them to more successful.  Our process includes:
  • Interviews
    • with owners
    • with management
    • with stakeholder clients
  • Financial due diligence
    • 3 years financials
    • 3 years financials, recast
    • Tax
  • Business modelling
    • Determine the business operations model unit
    • Determine business service or product unit
    • Determine business process flow
    • Determine financial process flow
  • Business mission definition
    • Concisely define business mission statement
    • Concisely define business product or service statement
  • Capital sources
    • Determine capital needs
    • Capital sources
    • Determine use of proceeds


Our package includes:
  • Business fact sheet
    • One (1) page
  • Business plan
    • Executive Overview
    • Operations Plan
    • Personal Plan
      • Board
      • Management
      • Employees
    • Marketing & Sales Plan
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat analysis
    • Financials
      • Key Performance Indicators (“KPI”)
      • Historical
      • Forecast-ed
    • Offering
      • Use of Proceeds
      • Expected Results
  • Shareholder presentation
    • Overview
    • 1 page per plan
    • KPI’s
    • Financial Overview
  • Investor presentation
    • All in shareholder presentation
    • Offering overview


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