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Brands, what do they mean to you…

Brands, what do they mean to you…

At Third Coast Aviation LLC, we are a member of the Alignable website (see our profile).  This infographic was of interested, so I thought that I’d share it with all of our followers:

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M &A Activity Gone Wild – 4th Quarter 2012

Merger Frenzy to Close 2012

After a 7 year stretch of reduced M&A activity, experts are predicting an increase for the fourth quarter of 2012 in the US and worldwide.  The combination of low interest rates that make it easier to finance debt, reductions in capital expenditures resulting in the accumulation of idle cash, and slowdowns in revenue makes acquiring other businesses a preferred method of expansion.  Goldman Sachs (with the most M&A imputed fees for 2011 according to Reuters) is among the firms predicting this resurgence and recommends businesses move now before interest rates begin climbing.  In addition, the imminent, total capital gains tax jump of at least 8.8% has privately held businesses scrambling to close deals before 2013.  The President’s reelection is also expected to be a catalyst for activity in this quarter due either to uncertainty about future tax policy or changing confidence in the state of the economy.  The end result is an expected significant frenzy of activity in these next two months. Key Performance Indicators: How is my business doing?

You run a successful business.  Your customers are satisfied, and you’re making money.  That’s how a successful business works.  Isn’t it?

Yes and no. Examining a business’s Key Performance Indicators may reveal a few surprises about how it could do even better than it is already. The most basic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are data such as revenue and profit and loss reports. However, there are more extensive figures and ratios that can serve to highlight trends and hidden problems. With the right expertise, KPIs can be used to identify sources of waste and help a business owner outline strategies to get the most of the resources at hand. A shrewd business owner will be able to look at these vital statistics and find ways to increase profit, but trained professionals utilizing KPIs to work with innovative management can extend the life of a business and allow a company to grow to the next level. You know where you want to go. Clear Financial Solutions can show you how to get there.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Using KPI, a business can track data and statistics that lend themselves to graphic presentation and trend analysis.  Charts and graphs are much easier to understand that rows and columns of data and allow for quicker and more relevant decision making.  Our team can help you develop the data analysis and calculations necessary to present you with clear information about how to maximize the potential of your business.

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Good Business Role Models

The Boy Scouts has been a standard for honesty, integrity, commitment, and quality for more than 100 years.  The founders of Scouting dreamed of channeling the raw energy of youth into something constructive and beneficial for everyone with the potential for self-sustenance and growth.  These are the qualities everyone should hope to exhibit in themselves and in their businesses.  Scouting establishes a system of hard work, tangible goals, and worthwhile achievements to give kids a sense of success and an understanding of the value of hard work.  These boys go out into the world as young men and strive to make it a better place.  We at Clear Financial Solutions are proud to volunteer with our local unit and bring the values of Scouting with us in everything we do.

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